Who/What/Where/When/How Is DogNerd?


I'll answer the simplest question first. DogNerd is the brainchild of Chris, a devoted dog-dad of Beaux the Saint Bernard, computer engineer, caustically sarcastic idealist, and based solely on his YouTube watch history... a total nerd.


DogNerd is a direct to consumer brand - no retail, no distributors, if you ask a question, you'll get an answer from me. I don't need to ship 1000 harnesses a day to feel successful - I'm a problem solver by nature, so when a customer sends me a note saying my product solved their problem, that's success.


Every business must have world headquarters, mine is in the spare bedroom. My plans for world domination include annexing the garage, which will technically make my car a refugee.


Chris despises a lot of things, including our throw-away culture, the "buy the cheapest, even though it won't last" mentality, this superhighway from factory to landfill is burning through finite resources. But... high quality doesn't have to be the exclusive domain of the wealthy - my goal is to create top-tier goods at a mid-level price point.


How? As in "how is DogNerd"? I don't understand the question...

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