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Bungee Leash / Poop-bag Holder / Carabiner Clip Combo

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This is my everyday go-to leash - I designed it to have everything I need, so when I attach it to Beaux, we're ready to go. It's a standard 6 foot leash when slack, and about 8 feet when fully stretched.

Features include:

Quick Release Carabiner clip - rated to 1000kg, literally a metric ton, and made out of aviation grade aluminum. You can open this clip even when your dog is pulling.

Expandable Webbing with Bungee - I really like having my arms attached to my torso, and with the 2' of stretch, you get a heads' up when your dog is about to pull you so you can brace yourself. 

Padded Handle - call me old fashioned, but I prefer comfort over discomfort. 

Second / Close Quarters Handle - Perfect for a dog who doesn't realize traffic is not to be played in, or that lunging attack-poodle doesn't want to play.

Locking Clip Carabiner - Store this inside the poop bag holder, and if you ever need to loop your leash around a tree / pole you won't have to unclip the dog to loop the end through the handle, just use the locking carabiner to complete the loop. 

Combine with the DogNerd simpLEash to have the right leash for any adventure.


Nylon Webbing
Neoprene Handle
Internal Bungee

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Hank Hawkins
Love the product.

I love the Bungee Leash/ Poop-bag/ Carabiner Clip Combo. I no longer get yanked by Hank when he decides to run. The Bungee Leash expands enough to slow him down. Great Product